Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt is President of Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) that provide sales / service, design and manufacturing of industrial waste water treatment equipment located in Stuart, Florida...Read More

County Bus Maintenance Facility

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The Problem: Undercarriage wash operations generates a waste stream of emulsified oils, metals and organics. High emulsifying degreaser provides easy removal of oils and grease from the vehicle using a pressure washer but leaves a waste water that is difficult to treat for either recycle or discharge. Oils and grease remain in a chemical emulsification. The waste water also contain metals, COD and organics.

The Answer: The ClearFlow CF-200 has been applied to treat the generated waste stream providing a clean, clear recycled wash water. The CF-200 removes the emulsified oils and metals using our ClearFloc CFM 330 Bentonite Clay. The sludge generated passes TCLP as non-haz material for standard disposal. Post treatment is provided by aerated ozone to reduce COD and organics. The final treatment before reuse is a 25 micron polish filter. Installed in 2009, the ClearFlow Systems continue to provide the County with reliable service. Fully automatic.

Results: Consistent, repeatable results is provided by the CF-200. A rugged 304 stainless steel design will provide long lasting service. Ease of use, infinite variability processing allows the system to be most efficient in consumable use and time to treat. This fully automatic system provides the County with the best available technology for a difficult waste stream.

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