Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt is President of Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) that provide sales / service, design and manufacturing of industrial waste water treatment equipment located in Stuart, Florida...Read More

January 2021 Newsletter

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Tortilla Company Installs CF 600 to treat CIP Wastewater

A tortilla manufacturing company has installed a CF 600 system to treat a waste stream generated in the process of performing a CIP process on the manufacturing equipment and fryer system. The wastewater generated contains FOG, BOD and suspended solids that need to be reduced to a level acceptable for sanitary discharge. Since the installation the system has treated over 200,000 gallons and has provided the constituent reductions required for discharge. The photo here shows the before and after samples as visual proof of the CFG 600’s ability to perform the process.

Cannabis grower installs a ENS system to enhance their product

A California cannabis grower has received our Enclosure Nanobubble System and will install it for the purpose of treating and oxygenating irrigation water for use in the grow cycle of his cannabis crops. The ENS system utilizes our nanobubble technology to inject either ozone or 93% pure oxygen into irrigation water for the purpose of increasing crop yield and concentration of the good parts of the cannabis crop.

Louisiana tank cleaner installs CF 600 and WRO3 to recycle water

A trucking company in Louisiana has installed our CF 600 and WRO3 Nanobubble system to treat and recycle wash water from cleaning tankers and ISO containers. The two systems provide a final product that can be used for first and second rinses to provide a recycling process saving water. The tanks are rinsed with fresh water as a final step. The entire process is fully automated and very easy to use and maintain. The client also installed an evaporation system to dispose of water excess water from the system They provided a very nice facility to ouse all of this equipment with ample room around the system for access during maintenance and operation. Great job on that aspect.

Texas tank cleaner installs CF 600 and WRO3 to recycle water

A tank manufacturer with a location in Texas has installed our CF 600 and WRO3 Nanobubble system to treat and recycle wash water generated in the process of cleaning ISO tanks, tank trailers and tote tanks. They use the recycled water for the first and second rinse saving water generated from the two systems in a 1-2 punch treatment process. The CF unit removes much of the suspended and some dissolved contaminants and the WRO3 Nanobubble reduces the remaining organics using ozonated nanobubbles, trillions per cubic centimeter by the way. No other nanobubble unit available to date can generate more nanobubbles as quickly than our ceramic technology

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