Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt is President of Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) that provide sales / service, design and manufacturing of industrial waste water treatment equipment located in Stuart, Florida...Read More

Transport Company

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The Problem: This company is a hazardous materials transport company based in Illinois with 25 locations around the Eastern US. In several locations they operate wash racks to keep the fleet of trucks clean. They generate a volume of waste water that is contaminated with oils, solids, organics and salts. They required the reuse of the wash water. They prides themselves on a clean fleet for visual purposes and client requirements. They haul for large corporations that want to maintain their visual appearance.

The Answer: The ClearFlow CF-200 system and the WRO3 20 system were installed to provide them quality recycled wash water. The wash water is recycled for a period of time and then hauled when it becomes too high is dissolved solids load. The ClearFlow system removes the bulk of the solids, oils and organics and the WRO3 oxidizes the remaining waste components providing a clean reuse wash water for a minimum of one month.

Results: Consistent, repeatable results is provided by the CF-200 and WRO3. A rugged 304 stainless steel design will provide long lasting service. Ease of use, Infinite variability processing allows the system to be most efficient in consumable use and time to treat. This fully automatic system provides them with the best available technology for a difficult waste stream.

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