Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt is President of Environmental Compliance Equipment (ECE) that provide sales / service, design and manufacturing of industrial waste water treatment equipment located in Stuart, Florida...Read More

Electrical Components Manufacturing, FL

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The Problem: A well known electrical components company manufactures electrical wiring components such as grounding rod clamps, wiring crimps, end connectors, distribution components, and a variety of other electrical parts. In this process, they generate a waste stream containing various metals including copper, zinc, and aluminum. The CF 200 system has been installed to remove the metals and oils from the wastewater so it can be safely discharged to the local POTW.

The Answer: The ClearFlow CF-200 system was installed. The system is set up to automatically treat the wastewater as it is being generated and pumped from various locations within the plant. The system was installed in a new building that houses all of the company’s recycling efforts from wastewater to metal recycling. The system has been providing a quality discharge and reliable operation since it was installed in August 2017.

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Results: Consistent, repeatable results are provided by the CF-200. A rugged 304 stainless steel design will provide long-lasting service. Ease of use, infinite variability processing allows the system to be most efficient in consumable use and time to treat. This fully automatic system provides this company with the best available technology for a difficult waste stream.

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